CherryPal™- Next innovation in computing?

My last post I stated “I sometimes wish Microsoft would just come out with a basic operating system and leave all the eye candy to the third party vendors”.  Well, Microsoft is not doing that, but CherryPal™ apparently is. CherryPal™ is a computer that runs an embedded form of the Debian Linux operating system.  Just my opinion, but this just may be the next innovation in computing.  What is CherryPal™ ?

Here is quoted text from the CherryPal™ website:

“The CherryPal™ desktop is a tiny PC designed with the user in mind. It does all the things you do every day: surf the web, keep in touch with your friends, listen to iTunes, watch videos, word processing, presentations and spreadsheets, all without the hassle of a traditional PC. It only uses 2 watts of power, lasts 10 years and has 80 percent fewer parts. There’s no software or upgrades to install, no risk of viruses, and no operating system to deal with and free 24/7 support – all for just $249.”

It appears that the CherryPal™ is designed to use the resources that the internet already provides.  CherryPal™ claims to be GREEN (80 percent less parts than a typical desktop computer), claims to be FAIR (fair pricing) and claims to be OPEN (uses open source software).  With open source and online applications becoming more prevalent, fast and dependable; this may be a great solution for many users who use their computers primarily for the internet. You would definitely need to have a broadband connection to take full advantage of CherryPal™ . I will definitely be monitoring this one.


2 thoughts on “CherryPal™- Next innovation in computing?

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  1. The new Cherrypal Bing Linux Laptop has been announced as the first truly green netbook As Bing has a 10.2 “TFT screen 1024 x 600 wide screen resolution and is powered by Intel Atom processor N270.


    1. Kastun,

      WOW! I will have to research this… When I wrote the CherryPal article it was one of my first for the blog. I was fascinated with the concept… Thank you very much for sharing this information with me and my readers.



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