Weather Watcher Live – Walmart World During A Storm

This past Saturday we were shopping in our neighborhood Walmart when a severe thunderstorm hit the area. I was back in the electronics, computers and gadgets section (of course). The intensity of the storm was unbelievable. Now, you have to keep in mind, Walmart is like shopping in a building the size of a football field and hopefully it is built to withstand any elements of nature that is thrown at it. Normally, if it rains and you are in Walmart, you won’t even know it until you go outdoors. Not this time… After a few noticeable claps of thunder, the torrential rain started and then came the hail. That got my attention… At that point I debated leaving the electronics section and proceeding directly to the hunting and survival section; however, I proceeded to the front of the store near the main entrance and what I saw outdoors I never, ever experienced before. It was like watching storm stories on the weather channel. It looked just like one of those tropical storms you see on storm stories. At this point, my instincts were telling me to find my wife, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack in Walmart. When I did find her, the storm had slowed considerably. She asked me, did you see that wind, rain and hail? What got me is that she is the one that is scared of storms and she was still shopping for groceries. She actually scolded me and said, “You need to settle down”… I couldn’t believe it, our cars could have blown away, and everyone was still shopping, including her. Next time there is a disaster, I’m going to Walmart world, which is another world where the serenity of shopping shelters you from the real world.

When I got home, the storm had passed. Our house was still there, which meant my computer was safe. I immediately booted up the computer to check the weather. The software that I use to check the weather is called Weather Watcher Live by Singer’s Creations. It is an awesome and powerful desktop weather software application; and, it is free. I have been following and using this software for several years. The author of the software, Mike Singer, is constantly improving the software and really listens to the users in the forum on his site.  If I only had Weather Watcher Live with me, while in Walmart world, I could have seen that storm approaching and ran for the car.  This is definitely my weather software of choice.

Weather Watcher Live - Screenshot
Weather Watcher Live - Screenshot

Recently, Singer Creations, released a “beta” version of Weather Watcher Live.  Weather Watcher Live has the ability to pull “real time – live data” from weather stations that you select. The software is designed to pull down data from stations sponsored by WeatherBug. I want to point out, this is not WeatherBug software. It also pulls weather information from the National Weather Service.

Listed are some of the features:

  • See a quick snapshot of the weather for today/tonight.
  • View the current radar/satellite image.
  • Access severe weather alert information.
  • Review a graph of today’s min/max weather information and the current rate of change.
  • Scroll or flick the slider bar at the bottom of the window to view the upcoming hours/days/moons.
  • Advanced weekly weather forecasts
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • View weather news, videos, photos, and cameras.
  • Tons of weather maps
  • Ability to set the your computer wallpaper background to display a weather map of your choosing.


3 thoughts on “Weather Watcher Live – Walmart World During A Storm

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  1. Whoa- that storm must have bypassed Sheptown! I’m glad ’cause I would not have been at Walmart at the time!

    Is Weather Watcher Live better than Weather Bug?


  2. Weather Bug is ok software; however, I like Weather Watcher Live due it is currently ad free AND the developer is constantly making improvements to the software. There are also many ways to customize Weather Watcher Live to meet your individual weather needs. I’ve tried just about every type of weather software out there and this one ranks the best in my opinion. Thanks for visiting the blog…


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