No doghouse for me this year with “ReSnooze”…

Us guys… really have a hard time remembering events; especially, the personal and important ones, like birthdays and anniversaries. My anniversary just came up and with a little help from a web site I came across, I remembered our anniversary (or at least she thinks I did). No doghouse for me this year… About the only true event I remember is when to eat.

If you are someone who needs assistance with remembering events; whether it is daily, weekly or monthly you have to try “ReSnooze”. “ReSnooze” is currently in “beta”, which means that it is in the testing stages. There are many types of “PIM Software” (personal information managers) available out there which you can set to provide you with calendaring reminders, but with “ReSnooze”, it is an easy, down & dirty way to go; PLUS, you don’t have to install any software. If you have an internet connection and an email account, you are good to go.

What exactly is “ReSnooze”?

Here are excerpts directly from the web site:

Have you ever emailed yourself something just to keep it in mind?

Resnooze makes the process or “emailing yourself” easier.
By default, Resnooze reminders are periodical so you won’t forget them even if you ignore one. With Resnooze, you can adjust the reminder frequency in a single click, from within the email message.

Use Resnooze for bookmarking:

  • Don’t have time to read an interesting article right now? Resnooze it!
  • Unlike other bookmarking methods, with Resnooze you won’t forget to actually visit the site you have bookmarked.

Resnooze makes email reminders hassle-free:

  • Absolutely zero configuration for the default weekly reminder
  • Cancel or change frequency in a single click from your email
  • Set reminders for (confirmed) friends
  • With Resnooze, you’ll have to make much less unnecessary and annoying decisions about reminder details

[ReSnooze – GET IT HERE]

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