Looking for a good web email service?


I just found one… InBox.com

Inbox.com offers its users FREE 5GB* webmail account with online data storage, fast web & mail search, spam & virus protection, user friendly design & functions and is completely advertisement free. This is only a sample of what the service has to offer. If need be, you can upgrade from the FREE 5GB account to a 30 GB account for $29.88 a year ($2.50 per month).

Inbox’s primary components are:

Photo Sharing
File Storage
Organizer (PIM)

Additional components available:

Own Customizable Homepage
Access to News, Games, Screensavers, ECards
Email Notifier
Browser Toolbar
Skinnable Interface

After setting up my account and really exploring the site, I opted to go with the basics with this service, avoiding the toolbar and email notifier… The email component, on a broadband connection, is fast, very attractive (skinnable) and interfaces very well with the other components the service provides. When you log into your account to check the mail, a tip of the day window will appear, and then the email component of the service will slide up from the bottom of your screen (pretty cool looking). I recommend after you setup an account that you go into the “Settings” tab to setup your spam protection, photo sharing, etc. I currently have my InBox account setup to harvest emails from my ISP’s Pop3 email account.

I checked around the internet to try and find some reviews on the service and found at “Top Ten Reviews” , a consumer research service, a side-by-side comparison of web email services was conducted and Inbox.com was rated #2… [SEE REVIEWS HERE]

My personal findings thus far is that InBox.com is now on my PC… : )

[Inbox.com – GET IT HERE]

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