Backup or Cry…

Early on in my career as an IT Manager I learned very quickly the importance of having a strategy in place to perform data backups. Most home based computer users don’t understand the importance of this, but will install firewalls and software to prevent viruses, malware, adware, hijackers, rootkits, trojans etc., yet the biggest threat out there is ourselves, because there are no backup strategies in place. You have to keep in mind, a computer is an appliance and like all appliances, it will fail. It is also a “give me” with computers that on at least one occasion during your ownership of the computer, you will have to get those factory restore disks out (if you have them) and restore the computer back to the original factory specs. You may stand back and say, “Ok, so what if I lose my files, no big deal, I don’t have anything on my computer that important.” Tell me that when it happens. I have actually seen people get that look of anxiety on their face, and cry. There are many software solutions and strategies available to perform backups, which I am not going to get into; however, if you want a simple solution to backup the files most important to you (ie. Photos, Documents, Music) I suggest you purchase an external hard drive to store your backup files and use a “Freeware” program called IdleBackup. Once you install and setup IdleBackup to backup your files, the backups will occur (unattended) at pre-determined intervals when your computer is idle. The author of IdleBackup has been diligently making adjustments to the software, to ensure a quality product. IdleBackup is currently part of my backup strategy on my computer. Listed are some of the basic features of the software:

  • Easy to use backup program for both novice and advanced user.
  • Manual or Automatic backup (with a set interval time) during idle time of the computer.
  • Easy restore, select directories and/or files to restore (with mirror backup).
  • 3 Backup modes: Mirror, Full Backup Zipped, and Sequential Backup Zipped

[IdleBackup – GET IT HERE]

5 thoughts on “Backup or Cry…

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  1. Thanks for the reminder…..this weekend I’ll be making sure that my backup process to the external hardrive is working properly!
    BTW- while installing the router and network camera this past weekend (thanks for your email consoltations!) I ended up with the nasty antivirusXP08…a couple of hous of a nightmare to get rid of it!


  2. I dislike freeware software because when you face a problem (and with today complex systems you are likely to face them often than you may think) you are “alone”. I select a backup software checking how quick and better is the support for the software. Today, after a deep search I have found a company that serve me at best: They backup software is not the most complete one but, strangely, it works quickly and dafely and when I have faced a problem in the past the support team solved it in few hours. This is something that even Microsoft is not able to give to their customers.



  3. John,

    I agree with your analogy on using “commercial software” for the more complex business type environments. Freeware and Open Source are great alternative,s which I can personally attest, for those who can not afford the commercial software and who are looking for reliable alternatives at home.

    Thank you…


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