Beware when the dog barks…

WinPatrolis one piece of software on my PC that I will not do without. It is basically my first line of defense against any critical changes made to my computer without my permission. After you install WinPatrol you will notice a little black “Scotty” dog in the system tray. That is confirmation that “Scotty” is on patrol. If any changes occur to the computer (i.e. hijackings, malware attacks, etc.), Scotty will actually bark and a dialogue box will appear alerting you that a change is about to take place AND what or where the change is occurring. You then have an option of accepting the change or not. Keep in mind, some of the things that Scotty alerts you to may be OK (i.e. software installs). WinPatrol can also be used to monitor, stop and control Windows services, detect and review new auto-startup programs and monitor IE home and search pages. I have been using WinPatrol on my computer for years. I highly recommend this software. There is a FREE version as well as a PLUS version. WinPatrol is coded By Bill Pytlovany, who also maintains a blog called “BillP Studios Spyware Blog” (click here).

[WinPatrol – GET IT HERE]

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