Electronic “Sticky Notes”…

I bet at home or at work you are a user of the 3M Post-it® Sticky Notes that stick practically anywhere for that message that needs to stay put and get noticed. Next to Velcro and duct tape, 3M Post-it® Notes has to rank up there as one of the great innovations of the 20th Century. 🙂 Early in my career as an IT Manager I went on the hunt for an electronic “sticky notes” program similar to the paper Post-it® Notes. At that point in time, I found a very good commercial program called “TurboNote” [REVIEW IT HERE], which we used as an instant messaging tool on the network for years. Several years following this find, I started searching for and reviewing any “freeware or open source” sticky notes programs I could find. There are quite a few out there, but my findings led me to “Stickies” and “PNotes”, which are my two favorites. Which one do I have installed on my PC? It depends on the weather… I am honestly caught between these two and actually leave them on my PC. Whether it matters of not, I currently have “PNotes” running, as I compose this blog post. Nice feature of both is neither writes to the registry, and can be carried on your flash drive. If you are a user of the paper notes, I urge you to try one of these programs.

Click on the screenshots below to visit either the “PNotes” web site or the “Stickies” web site.

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