Google Chrome… Now on my PC!

What a name for a browser; “CHROME” (a polished look???)… I downloaded, installed (without a hitch) and at first glance it definitely appeared to be a different kind of the browser; due, I am accustomed to the usual browser interfaces (such as menus, buttons, search boxes, plug-ins,etc…). A lot of people’s initial reaction is going to be I don’t like this. Here is WHY? One you have to accept CHANGE and secondly if you’re going to try software you have to kick the tires all the way around and most people will not do that. A lot of people have technophobia; the fear or dislike of advanced technology.

Do I like it? This stuff is right down my alley. This application by Google is in the “Beta” stages of development and I love following and testing software. I have added it to my arsenal of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox portable, Opera). One suggestion if you do an install…  Click on the “wrench” at the top right corner, then select options.  At this location you can setup various things like your homepage, etc…  I also suggest that you click on “Show Home Button On Toolbar” under the options.  That is one thing that really threw me off is that I couldn’t locate the “Home Button”.  Once I got that in place, I felt somewhat comfortable during my exploration of this browser.  It will take some getting used to initially, but the more I use it, the more I like it 🙂

Is “Google Chrome” going to remain on my PC? The answer is Yes, and these are the reasons why:

Open Source – The developers of the other browsers can actually pull down the code behind Chrome to improve their browsers by integrating or emulating the solutions that Google engineers had implemented.

Beta – Already a solid piece of work and will only get better.

Very clean & smooth interface – Maybe that is where the name “Chrome” came from (polished look).

Fast page loader – Fastest I have come across. It has a different feel; almost like the pages are not loading, but opening.

Fast Tab loader – Blows the competition away

Google practically runs the internet – Currently in the business of delivering web services and this development only makes sense.

Competition – I love it when an open source application challenges the money makers.

[ Google Chrome – Get It Here ]

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