Klondike Forever…

Everyone loves to play solitaire, especially “Klondike”, which is the solitaire game that ships with Windows. I recently came across one, called “Klondike Forever” that is really super cool looking.  It is in 3D, with sound and beautiful visual effects AND it is FREE.  If you find yourself really loving the FREE version of “Klondike Forever”, the web site offers a paid version called “Solitaire Forever” with over 150 solitaire games brought to life in 3D.    

4 thoughts on “Klondike Forever…

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  1. Hey Rick,
    I was surprised you’re a solitaire fan. I just don’t see you’re that lonely.
    Anyway, it’s a thinking game too which I play when i’m lonely. Better than surfing idiotic sites 🙂
    More power to WOMP!


  2. Hey Rick,
    I’m surprised again you still have time for solitaire.
    I used to play this a lot but with real cards and with
    my own invented game.
    More power to WOMP!


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