Spyware Techie


Spyware Techie

Have you ever experienced one of those rogue anti-spyware or anti-virus programs designed by hackers to take your money in return for a useless program.  I’m talking about those “no-name programs” that hijack your system, keeps popping up, and just won’t go away. Some of these programs actually appear very professional and will even emulate some of the Microsoft  Security Center software. Most users are taken in by this and end up infecting their systems. Removal, most often, is very difficult… If you do get hijacked or infected, hit the “Spyware Techie” site to research your problem. Spyware Techie is “A techie’s take on Spyware”. The site is stacked full of information and removal instructions for many of these rogue packages. Also, some advice that I was given many years ago when I first entered into the Information Technology world; “Believe Nothing and Verify Everything“…

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