Play in the sandbox…

Did you ever wish you could browse the internet and not have to worry about malicious software or content attacking your system? OR Did you ever wish you could test a program without it causing changes to your computer? There is a way and it works very well. It is called “Sandboxie“…

Once you install Sandboxie, you can run or test your programs in an isolated space, called a sandbox, which prevents the programs from making altering changes to your computer and/or to the data in your computer. Any changes that are made are kept inside the sandbox. I have been following and using “Sandboxie” for nearly a year, and I primarily use it to run my browser in. For example, you can run your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox) in a sandbox and not worry about malicious software (i.e. trojans, spyware, hijackers, etc…) causing harm to your computer. Any malicious software that is downloaded, is downloaded into the sandbox. In the event your computer becomes a victim of malicious content, the malicious content is trapped in the sandbox. At that point, you simply discard the contents of the sandbox and start over. If you are interested in trying this software out, I suggest you jump over to the Sandboxie web site and thoroughly read the “Help” and “FAQ” sections. This is good stuff; especially, if you ride the internet hard or you like to test software.




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