Backup To Email – Backup2e…

With our email services providing an average of 5 GB’s of space, a nice little utility called “Backup To Email – Backup2e” has been developed to take advantage of that space and at the same time give you the ability to easily and quickly backup a file or folder to your email account. After you download and install the “Backup To Email” software, you will prompted to enter your email account settings (i.e. SMTP Outgoing Server settings, Account Username and Password). After everything has been setup, you can simply send files or folders to your email account by “right clicking” on the file or folder, selecting “Backup To Email”, via the Windows Explorer context menu (see example below). A dialog box will appear indicating the progress of the file or folder being sent. I have mine setup to send to my email; then, it is dropped into a “filtered” folder within my email storage. It appears the software requires “Java” to run and it is still in an early development stage. This concept is a great one and I hope the developer continues with the progression of this software. I have found great use in this software.

Features (as indicated on the web site):

  • Right click files and backup.
  • Right click folders they are zipped and backuped.
  • Allow zip before send.
  • Run custom command before send.
  • Change subject prefix.
  • SSL SMTP connection and non ssl.
  • Configurable SMTP server.
  • Scheduler in crontab notation so you can schedule backups.
  • Ask for target email before every backup (by default not asking).

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