Spider Player…

I have tried numerous music players and finally settled with one called “Spider Player“.  When it comes to music, it is all about personal preference. This player is small in size, but packs a big punch (2.87 MB for the Basic AND 3.58 MB for the portable version). I personally use the portable version (flash drive ready) and the best feature I like is the built in radio directory. The player will pull in thousands of internet radio stations from around the globe and generate a convenient directory listing. Once you find stations you like, you can save them to a favorites list. At first try, you may be a little confused on how to navigate the player; but, once you get the hang of it you will love it. If you have questions about the player, the site provides a forum and tutorials to help you out.

FEATURES LIST (as indicated on the web site):

32-bit sound processing for crystal clear sound
Streaming audio support.
Internet radio recording
Radio Directory
Custom Hotkeys
Multiformat Playback
Converter and CD Ripper
Support for custom MIDI soundfonts
DSP Effects Manager
Unified Tag editor
Multichannel Audio support
Crossfading support
Full Unicode support
Multilingual interface
Skin support
CD-Text and FreeDB support
Ten-band Equalizer
Icon Sets
Built-in Visualizations
M3U, PLS and ASX playlists support
Incremental Playlist Search
And more!

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