Here is a program that I have used and have been following since its’ inception. JDVoiceMail is a program where you are prompted to record a “voice” message, using your microphone, then send the recorded message (voicemail) to an email recipient. When you record the message, JDVoiceMail generates a compressed .wav or .mp3 sound file(s). The compression ratio on these sound bites are tremendously reduced without loss of quality. The recipient of your recorded message does not need any special software to listen to the message. When the recipient receives the voicemail, via their email client, they simply double click on the sound file attachment and the default audio player installed on their system will takeover and play the message. According to the web site, “If you are lazy and don’t like typing your e-mail, this is the tool for you!”

Features (as indicated on the web site):

  • Works with the Windows® bundled ACM codecs (Present in all 32 bits windows versions).
  • You can select the codec of the output voice file.
  • Only 32 KB for a 30 second voice message with the DSP True Speech® Codec.
  • Only 50 KB for a 30 second voice message with the GSM 6.10® Codec
  • Only 30 KB for a 30 second voice message with the Lame MP3® Encoder
  • With the MP3 format, Linux, Mac, Pocket PC and Palm users can listen your messages too.
  • Simple, minimalist and intuitive graphic interface.
  • Send the voice file automatically with your favorite pop3 email client or save it in a hard disk folder for use with your web-based email account.
  • Compatible with all MAPI e-mails clients (Mozilla Thunderbird®, Eudora®, Outlook Express®, etc…).
  • Easily share JDVoiceMail with your friends (Less than 1,50 MB for the installer file).
  • JDVoiceMail is 100% freeware, no ads, no limitations, no adware, no banners, no spyware etc….

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