If you are using the Windows Vista (Home Editions), ShadowExplorer takes advantage of the “shadow copy” feature in Vista AND is a nice addition to “supplement” your backup strategy.  What is “shadow copy”? Shadow copy is a feature that automatically creates point-in-time copies of files as you work, so you can quickly and easily retrieve versions of a document you may have accidentally deleted.  Microsoft advertises that “shadow copying” is only available in the Ultimate, Business, and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista, not the Home editions. What most folks don’t know is that in the “Home Editions” the “shadow copy” feature is there, but Microsoft deliberately provided no interface or method to get to those copies. This is where ShadowExplorer can help. ShadowExplorer allows you to browse the shadow copies created by the Windows Vista Operating system (all editions, including the Home edition).

Features (as indicated on the web site):

  • Show available point-in-time copies
  • Browse through Shadow Copies
  • Retrieve versions of files and folders
Important Note:  Shadow Copies and ShadowExplorer are in no way a replacement for regular backups!  It is a feature which allows you to go back to points-in-time to retrieve versions of files.

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