Learn how to keyboard…

When I was in high school, several of us guys, decided we were going to take an introductory class on typing. Back then the typing was on a typewriter and our intention was not to learn typing; but, to be surrounded by all the girls in the class with the hope of getting some attention. Well, the opposite occurred, we learned to type and did not get any attention. Not knowing at that the time I would develop a future obsession for computers, where keyboarding (typing) is an integral part of navigation, that class was one of the best investments of my high school years. Not that I developed into a world class typist (keyboarder) or anything, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn the keyboard. Learning how to type is a definite confidence builder when it comes to the operation of any computer that will reduce the frustration factor tremendously. If you have a desire to improve your skills or learn from scratch I came across a typing tutor software program that is freeware; that can either be installed on your PC OR installed as a portable application on your flash drive. The program is called “RapidTyping Typing Tutor“. For a freeware app, this program uses a simple and colorful interface, has a typing game built in, provides statistics on how you perform, and can be set up to emulate various types of keyboard layouts.

3 thoughts on “Learn how to keyboard…

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  1. Hey Rick,
    I can surely use this!
    And I was just planning to post about touch-typing and why it should be a mandatory high school course.
    You read my mind again!? LOL
    More power to WOMP!


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