Find Your Files (superfast)…

This is one freeware program that I have been ultimately fascinated with.  It is called Everything search engine – Locate files and folders on your computer by name instantly.  It is the fastest “indexed” search engine for a computer that I have seen yet.  When I say “indexed” search engine, programs like this, similar to the “Windows Search”, must index all of the files on your system.  This is what makes indexed search engines super fast; however, the catch is that you may be working on a file, close it, then need to search for it and cannot find it, due the file has not been indexed yet.  This program, in my opinion, is one of the best in finding your files even in the scenario I just provided.  Indexed search engines normally run in the background so that your files are periodically indexed; but, I found you don’t have to do that with this program, due it is so fast in indexing your files when you start it up.  It does one thing, and that is find whatever file or folder you are looking for, fast…  The only catcher I can see is that, your system volumes must be formatted to NTFS (NT File System); which, if you have the current Windows XP or Vista operating systems, your volumes (drives) should be in that format.  This one is a keeper on my PC…

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