3RVX – Volume Controller…

3RVX is a skinnable volume controller and display that supports alpha-blended skins, cool fade effects, and a lot more. It was originally developed to emulate the Mac OS X volume bezel on Windows, but has evolved to support more options and features. Has a hotkey setup which allows you to use the middle mouse wheel, in conjunction with a hotkey, to raise, lower or mute the volume on your PC. The volume control display on the screen is skinnable. Appears the software is in the ongoing development stage and the author is working hard to correct any issues that occur. At the time of this post it is “what’s on my pc…”

UPDATE: (10/12/-2008) I’ve been in touch with the author of 3RVX with a couple of suggestions. Author is making further developments. I believe this is going to be one great piece of software.

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