Watch HDTV, Analog and Cable TV on your PC (or laptop)…

Did you know that with minimal investment, you can watch HDTV, Analog & Cable TV on your PC (or laptop)? Many people are unaware that it is possible and are also unaware that you can purchase a PC with a tuner already installed as part of the package. Ever since my first tuner card (in a Packard Bell computer : ); I haven’t done without one since. It takes your PC to another level. It impresses your techie friends that you can watch TV (in a sizeable window) AND record TV while you work on your computer; plus, it is a definite must if you have Windows Media Center installed. If you do not want to open your PC to install a tuner card (OR you have a laptop), a relatively new technology is the portable TV tuner that plugs directly into one of your USB ports. Now keep in mind, you will have to run (the actual wiring) from your cable or analog service source to the PC. There are several manufacturers of tuners out there, but “what’s on my pc” is a tuner card made by Hauppauge. I have had good luck and support with their products in several PC’s that I have owned. The links below will take you to their site and directly to the page where they are promoting their new USB TV Tuner stick…

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