Let’s cut decrap…

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new computer that it comes pre-loaded with numerous commercial applications (trial-ware), often with the hope that you will buy the software. I’m assuming this is done by the manufacturer to keep the costs down by allowing the software distributor or internet company to buy into the deal. Not only is this a nuisance, it is very confusing to people who are just starting out with computers. The new person thinks it is part of owning a computer and many times end up buying the software; and, a lot of times really messing up their PC’s. Personally I like a clean machine minus the bloatware. If you are the person that your family and friends call upon to assist with setting up a new computer, then you need “The PCDecrapifier“. This application has been around for quite sometime and originally started out as the Dell De-crapifier, until Dell told the author of the software to cease using their name. I have to admire the author of the PCDecrapifier for taking this to another level and designing the software to work on any new PC out there. I have personally used this software and it is a real timesaver, by removing specific pre-loaded software packages in one session. As a word of advice, in conjunction with and prior to using this software, always check for and/or make your factory install CD’s or DVD’s.  After making the factory install disks and running “The PCDecrapifier”, this is often a good time, if at all possible, to make an image of your system.


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