Keeping yourself organized…

When it comes down to it, I gauge myself as a person of organization. Sometimes I am over organized; which can be as bad as being disorganized. I have always had an interest in keeping my personal information, notes and calendars in one place so that it was readily available at a moments notice. I have tried every form of personal information manager that is available, from hand kept calendar books to PDA’s, Pocket PC’s, Palms, online calendars, etc… Really it is a matter of personal preference and determining what works best in your current home and work situation. The one solution that I ended up with that currently works for me is a program called EssentialPIM.

EssentialPIM is a “personal information manager” that allows you to keep all your information in an electronic form. It is a available in a “free” version and a “commercial” version. I have been using the “free” portable version, which is flash drive ready, which allows my information to travel with me. EssentialPIM is loaded with features (calendar, notes, to do list, contacts) comparable to Microsoft Outlook and other personal information managers. It has a nice clean interface, easy navigation controls, loads very quickly, and is constantly being fine-tuned. Every feature in EssentialPIM is based on customer feedback. If you’re looking to get some organization in your life, EssentialPIM may be a solution!


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