Circle Dock – The Open Source Circular and Spiral Dock for Windows

The one thing I love doing on my computer is organizing menus and using third-party program launchers (menu docks) instead of the Windows Start Menu. I currently use a dock called Stardock Objectdock as my primary launcher of programs, shortcuts and running tasks; but, recently I came across a new open source launcher, called “Circle Dock“, that has piqued my interest. The really neat thing about this software is that the very first version of Circle Dock was coded by the author (Eric Wong) in under 2 weeks for a programming competition at Following the competition, the author continued the development of the software and has gained a popular following ever since. Circle Dock is currently in the “Alpha” (initial debugging) stage of development; however, I have found it to be very stable (at least on my PC) for software at the Alpha level. Most third party docks or menu’s are usually horizontal or vertical in appearance; however, Circle dock is different in the aspect that it is circular in nature and the circle can be rotated with the mouse wheel. If you want to have some fun experimenting with Circle Dock, as it is being developed, I encourage you to visit the website to review the system requirements and all the current features.


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