Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator

If you enjoy the challenge of jigsaw puzzles, then you will enjoy the electronic version(s) developed by Tibo Software. Tibo offers a paid commercial version of their jigsaw puzzle software, which is really good; BUT, they also offer a “FREE” puzzle creator called “Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator“. The promo creator was developed by Tibo to promote their commercial package of the software with the intention you could create a jigsaw puzzle, package it, and place it on a website for visitor’s to download. If you want to create a jigsaw puzzle, from a photo on your computer, for your personal use or to send to a friend, start up the promo creator software and the wizard will walk you through the steps. As you are going through the steps, don’t worry about filling out website information, banners, alternative text, etc… unless you want to; otherwise just keep clicking “Next”. You will get to a point in the wizard where you have to enter a title and another point where you will have to select a picture or photo on your computer. You will eventually will get to a point where you can click “Save As”, where you give the puzzle a name, and the software will automatically compile the puzzle and save it as an executable file (*.exe). To start up the new puzzle, browse for the puzzle name in the folder which you saved it, click on the name of the puzzle and the jigsaw puzzle will come up ready for you to piece together. To pick up a puzzle piece, left mouse click on the piece; and, to turn the piece, right mouse click the piece. Who knows, you may like this enough to purchase it. I did!


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