Burn Baby Burn…

If you are looking to replace the CD/DVD burning software that shipped with your PC or you are looking for something with less bloat, than the commercial paid versions, then give CDBurnerXP a try. I recently found myself in a mode where I was testing a variety of the free burners out there and I finally decided on CDBurnerXP. It is a good program for people just learning to burn CDs/DVDs; AND is also great for those who are seasoned users. The program just plain gets the job done and does it very well. The program is under constant development and improvement AND is totally FREE, even for commercial use. CDBurnerXP will burn CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD’s and includes a feature to create and burn ISO files. CDBurnerXP has met my needs and is now “What’s On My PC”.  There is also a portable version available, that can be run from your flash drive.  You can get the portable version from [ HERE ].

Key Features (as indicated on the CDBurnerXP site):

  • burn all kinds of discs
  • audio-CDs with or without gaps between tracks
  • burn and create ISO files
  • data verification after burning process
  • create bootable discs
  • multi-language interface
  • bin/nrg ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more!
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
  • Startup Screen


    5 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn…

    Add yours

    1. Hey Rick,

      I quite agree with your assesment of this neat little program. It’s the best free CD burner I’ve ever come across.

      Not too long ago, a friend of mine and I, burned over 200 CD’s in a weekend using this application. It did the job flawlessly.

      Nice review.



    2. Bill,

      200 CD’s in a weekend… Now, that’s a true test of burning software. I did not realize, until I did this post, that CDBurnXP had a portable version available.

      As always, thanks for visiting.


    3. Hey Rick,
      You just solved my problem because my laptop
      doesn’t have a burner! I even thought that my disc
      was broken because I was trying to burn CD and I didn’t
      know I have no burner LOL


      1. Pochp,

        I love solving problems that I do not have to do anything… Best kind of problems to solve. As always, I thank you for your kind hearted comments, responses and most importantly your articles you give us daily.



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