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The Microsoft Office suite has established itself as the benchmark standard for office (software) suites that is used in businesses, government entities, educational institutions and homes around the world.  If you are someone who uses Microsoft Office, then you have to know about the wide array of “Free” templates that is available for download from Microsoft.  If not, you do not know what you are missing. I have been following the template’s list, for years, and it continues to grow and improve.  I have personally used some of these templates and have found that they can save you a considerable amount of time, depending on what you are looking for. All of templates can be edited, meaning once you download a template, you can change whatever you desire, to meet your project needs. Reflected below is a sampling of the template categories that are currently available at Microsoft Online. Click on any of the categories below and you will be delivered to that category at the Microsoft Online website.

Main Categories

Agendas Award certificates Brochures

Budgets Business cards Calendars

Content slides Contracts Databases

Design slides Diagrams Envelopes

Expense reports Faxes Flyers

Forms Gift certificates Greeting cards

Inventories Invitations Invoices

Labels Letters Lists

Memos Minutes Newsletters

Plans Planners Postcards

Presentations Purchase orders Receipts

Reports Resumes and CVs Schedules

Statements Stationery Time sheets

More categories

Address books Advertisements Analysis worksheets

Announcements Applications Balance sheets

Ballots Banners Bills of sale

Binder inserts Bookmarks Books

Bylaws, policies, and rules Calculators

Case inserts Catalogs Charts

Coupons Dividers E-mails

Estimates Evaluations Flash cards

Forecasts Games Identification cards

Instructions Itineraries Job descriptions

Journals Ledgers Logs

Maps Math and science tables Menus

Name and place cards Note cards

Notes Office document themes

OneNote notebooks OneNote pages

OneNote sections Outlines

Paper folding projects Papers

Petitions Photo albums Posters

Press releases Programs Proposals

Quizzes and tests Quotes

Recipes Records Reply cards

Scorecards Sign-in and sign-up sheets

Signs SmartArt Graphics Stickers

Surveys Tags Tickets

Tournament brackets Trackers

Web pages Wills With compliments cards


4 thoughts on “Microsoft Office Templates…

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  1. Thank you for the excellent reminder of this very useful, and extremely over-looked, feature (service?) offered by Microsoft.

    Templates are not only time-savers, but can add a “professional” look to your documents.


  2. TechPaul,

    Thanks for visiting… You are right about this being overlooked. I actually got the idea to do a post on this as a result of recently going to the site to look for a template. It saved me alot of timel.


    1. Pochp,

      The templates are individual files and are not in a batch download. For example if you needed a template for a calendar, you can select which calendar template you would need or want. In other words, you pick and choose. Keep in mind you must have Microsoft Office (e.g. MS-Word, Powerpoint, Excel) to use the templates.



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