Windows 7, the next Windows Version…

Windows 7 is the next version of Microsoft Windows (successor to Windows Vista). Windows 7 is already under development and was unveiled at a Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, on October 28th. If you want to know what is going on during the development process, I suggest you visit the Windows 7 Team Blog and another site (not managed by Microsoft) called “Windows 7 News“. “Windows 7 News” is already loaded with news, rumors, screenshots and videos of the operating system. Both of these links and logos are posted on the sidebar of the blog for future reference so that we can follow the development process together.

Update – 11/01/2008

You can view actual video footage of Windows 7 in action at the PDC conference by visiting TechCrose.  Thanks to the author of the TechCrose blog for sharing this information.


Upon hearing about Windows 7, I started to question, “How many Windows operating system releases have there been; and when was the first release? I did some research and came up with the following timeline of releases. What is interesting about this is that computers did not really become a “mainstay” home appliance until the release of Windows XP and broadband became prevalent. How many of these releases have you actually experienced?

Windows 1.0 – 1985
Windows 1.02 – 1986
Windows 1.03 – 1986
Windows 1.04 – 1987
Windows 2.0 – 1987
Windows 2.11 – 1989
Windows 3.0 – 1990
Windows 3.1 – 1992
Windows (for Workgroups) 3.11 – 1992
Windows NT3.1 – 1993
Windows 3.2 – 1993 (Chinese Version)
 Windows NT 3.5 – 1994
Windows NT 3.51 – 1995
Windows 95 – 1995
Windows 95 (SP1) – 1995
Windows 95B – 1996
Windows NT 4.0 – 1996
Windows 95 (OSR2) – 1996
Windows 95 (OSR2.1) – 1997
Windows 95 (OSR2.5) – 1997
Windows 98 – 1998
Windows 98 (Second Edition) – 1999
Windows ME – 2000
Windows 2000 – 2000
Windows XP (Starter Edition) – 2001
Windows XP (Home Edition) – 2001
Windows XP (Home Edition N) – 2001
Windows XP (Professional) – 2001
Windows XP (Professional N) – 2001
Windows XP (Professional x64 Edition) – 2001
Windows XP (Media Center Edition) – 2002
Windows XP (Tablet PC Edition) – 2002
Windows XP (Media Center Edition 2003) – 2002
Windows XP (Media Center Edition 2004) – 2003
Windows XP (Tablet PC Edition) – 2004
Windows XP (Media Center Edition 2005) – 2004
Windows Vista – 2006
Windows Vista Starter – 2006
Windows Vista Home Basic – 2006
Windows Vista Home Premium – 2006
Windows Vista Business – 2006
Windows Vista Enterprise – 2006
Windows Vista Ultimate – 2006
Windows Vista (SP1 – All Editions) – 2008
Windows Vista (SP2 ) – 2008 (in development)
Windows 7 – 2008 (in development)



3 thoughts on “Windows 7, the next Windows Version…

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  1. Will,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and providing a link to the video… I have posted a link from “What’s On My PC…”, directly to the video on your blog… So far the operating system looks promising.



  2. I’m kind of a dinosaur in the game of tech.. which allows me to point out a typo on your list…

    I still have a working 486 DX (Yes, with the “Turbo” button) that runs Windows 3.11– aka “Windows with Networking”.

    I believe it can be stated that: the Apple Macintosh– with its color monitor– brought the Personal Computer into the home; that Windows 95 ushered in the “Internet Era”; and that XP and Broadband really only cemented the relationship between computer and Man. (Windows 98 did a lot of the heavy lifting.)

    I have used every OS since 3.11 except for Windows 7 (which the beta is downloadable, btw).

    I read an interesting article somewhere which posited that every other MS OS release was terrible (I cannot remember where.. Tech Republic, maybe) and there was some truth there I think.
    Win 95: good
    Win 98: bad
    Win 98SE: good
    Win ME: horrible*
    Win 2000 good*
    Win XP: good
    Win XP SP1: bad
    Win XP SP2: v.good
    Vista: um.. not so great
    Vista SP1: good


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