A Digital and Analog Clock Combo…

Today at 2 AM marked the end of daylight savings time, which required us to turn our clocks back one hour (here in the U.S.). I have always loved clocks (digital and analog) that are created for the computer as a standalone software application or as a screensaver. There are some really neat ones out there… Recently I came across a clock screensaver called “Analogy” (by Jesson Yip). Analogy is different, in that it is a mix between a digital and analog clock. To get a feel what “Analogy” looks like, [click here] (for the online flash version). With the screen saver version you have an option to invert it so that the background is black and the numbers are white (looks better). As you can see, I started working on this blog entry at 8 minutes and 1 second after 8 (AM).


TIP: When it comes to screensavers, which can be enjoyable to watch and really does nothing to save your screen, I usually locate the actual screensaver file (which will have a *.scr file extension) and save it as a shortcut to a collection of other screensaver shortcuts I like. I do not have the computer setup to automatically show a screen saver after so many minutes; instead when I feel like it, I just click on one of the shortcuts.





2 thoughts on “A Digital and Analog Clock Combo…

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  1. It’s great Rick but I don’t use light screens on my pc.
    Makes me wonder how a screen would be saved if it’s glaring with light.
    More power to WOMP!


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