OpenDNS … Something to try…

Did you know that by using a “FREE” DNS (“Domain Name System”) service called OpenDNS you can make your internet browsing experience faster, reliable and safer? I currently use OpenDNS as a layer of protection from web site phlishing; plus, by setting up an account with OpenDNS, I can use the built in Parental Controls to filter out and block what content reaches my computer. I know you are probably reading this and ready to discount this information due you feel it may be too technical for you to grasp. It is not. There is no software to install and only involves making some very easy configuration changes to your computer’s network settings or to your router. I opted to make the DNS changes on the router level so that any PC connected to the internet, through my router, will benefit from the change. The OpenDNS web site walks you through the entire process, which is easy to follow and only takes a few minutes.  There is also a demo available explaining how to make the configuration changes – [click here] Bottomline is that if you see no benefit or gain to using the OpenDNS service, you simply remove the DNS settings.

To help you understand what DNS is and how it works:

When you use your browser and you type in a web address (i.e. that address is translated, by a DNS server, into a numeric address (called an IP address) so that web servers and routers can understand and process the request. In other words, once you type in the web address, your computer contacts the DNS servers, which is specified by your internet service provider, and the DNS servers complete the translation. Many times there is a time delay in contacting the DNS server and with resolving the address. End result is that your web surfing is slowed down.


Benefits of OpenDNS – OpenDNS has DNS servers around the world (big DNS cache), which enable you to retrieve IP addresses faster than from your ISP’s DNS servers. End result is that your web surfing speeds up.

Parental Controls – This is one feature that really caught my attention. Here is a neat way to protect the kids. OpenDNS Parental Controls divide the Internet’s content into more than 50 categories. Simply choose your desired filtering level, from “High” to “Minimal,” and check a box. 

Phlishing Protection – featuring anti-phlishing service.

Customization – setup an account and you are on your way of using the OpenDNS Dashboard to customize your internet experience.







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  1. This is really a “set it and forget it”, quick and easy adjustment that has all positives and no downside. I highly recommend implementing this tip to anyone.

    If you have a router, that is where you should set the name servers to point at OpenDNS. If you don’t know (or remember) how to log in to your router’s control panel, I have published instructions here,


  2. TechPaul,

    Thanks for the router instructions… The majority of our readers are unaware that you can easily access their routers and often are intimidated by the information…

    I recommend to my readers that you visit TechPaul’s site “Tech-for Everyone” This guy is a walking and talking Information Technology encycloedia and presents the information in a manner that you can understand.


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