Try and extract this…

If you are into testing software, there is a special program that I use called Universal Extractor. What it does is that is it has the ability to extract any type of archive file regardless of source or compression method. The program has a high success rate of unpacking many types of software installation and setup files. For example, after I download a freeware or open source software program, I will run Universal Extractor to see if it will unpack the installation or setup file. If I can successfully unpack the setup file I can often run the program without actually installing it (keeps your system clean). This also provides a unique opportunity to determine if the program being tested is dependent on any specific system files and/or if there are any changes being made to the Windows registry. If it is determined that the program is not dependent on any specific system file or is not dependent on the Windows registry, then you can often use the program as a portable application (on your flash drive). According to the website; “Universal Extractor itself, however, is just a front-end that uses many other programs to do the dirty work”.  This is one program that I recommend that you have in your utility toolbox.


CD-ROM imag
Encoded files
Gentee package
IMG floppy disk image
Inno Setup package    
Installer VISE package    
InstallShield Cabinet archive    
InstallShield package    
ISO 9660 CD-ROM image
KGB archive    
LZH compressed file    
LZMA compressed file    
LZO compressed file    
LZW compressed file    
LZX compressed file    
MHTML file    
Microsoft Cabinet archive    
Microsoft Compiled Help file    
Microsoft compressed file    
Microsoft LIT e-book    
Microsoft Windows Help file    
Nero CD-ROM images    
NSIS package    
Oasis Document Format (ODF) document    
Office Open XML (OOXML) document    
Outlook Express mail archive    
PEA archive    
RAR archive    
Reflexive Arcade package    
RoboForm package    
RPM package    
SetupFactory package    
SIS (SymbianOS) packages    
StuffIt packages    
TAR archive    
UHARC archive    
UPX compressed file    
Windows Imaging Format image    
Windows Installer package    
Windows Installer patch    
Windows Update Standalone patch    
Wise Installer package    
ZIP archive
Zoo archive

GET IT HERE - Universal Extractor



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