Capture that screen…

Did you know that if you hit the “print screen” key on your keyboard, it will take a snapshot of what you have displayed on your screen. You initially do not see the snapshot, until you paste it into an application. For example, hit the “print screen” key, then open your word processing program, such as WordPad, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, etc. Once you have a blank document open, do a “right” mouse click and select “paste” (or can do CTRL-V on the keyboard). The snapshot that you took of the screen will appear in the document, which can ultimately be resized or cropped… This is a down and dirty way to do a screen capture in a pinch; however, there is a ton of software applications out there that will give you a whole lot more options. If you are someone who works with graphics, documents, blogs, etc. on a regular basis, it is a necessity to have a good screen capture program.  I am currently using (2)-two screen capturing utilities on my PC (EasyCapture and PicPick Tools).  Both are very good and both are being continually developed.


There are (2)-Two “FREE” Screen Capture programs that I recommend:


One program that I use is called EasyCapture. EasyCapture is FREE and has the ability to capture any part of the screen, scrolling windows and entire web pages. Once you perform a capture you can use the built in editor to add text, draw lines, draw arrows, plug in text balloons, etc… AND you can save the the captured image in a variety of commonly used graphic formats (bmp, jpg, gif, png, tiff). I have found this capturing program to be comparable to many of the commercial programs that are available and the best part about it is that it is FREE. The program provides various capturing options:

Capture full screen, active window,

Capture windows, buttons, toolbar, controls and other windows objects.

Capture selected region.

Capture scrolling windows and entire web pages.

Capture fix-size region.

Support OS: Windows Vista, WinXP, Win2000


GET IT HERE - EasyCapture



PicPick Tools


PicPick Tools is another screen capturing program that I recently came across, that is portable (can be run from your flash drive).  I was quite surprised I had never seen this program before, due to the fact that I love screen capturing utilities.  I have tested this program as well; and was really impressed with it’s functionality.   It features a powerful capture tool, image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and etc. After you launch the program, you simply select the tool you want by clicking on the tray icon.

PicPick Tools Menu

GET IT HERE - EasyCapture



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