Blogging with Microsoft Word 2007…

If you have Microsoft Word 2007 installed on your PC and currently are an avid blogger; did you know there is a blogging component built into Microsoft Word 2007 that you can use to post your articles? I’ve been using this component for the past 2 months and found it is a real timesaver; which allows you to author your blog articles offline, as well as save them to your computer. I usually compose the drafts of my articles using Word 2007, and then use the built-in publishing feature to transfer the draft article to WordPress. Once the draft is online, I go into my WordPress online editor to make any final changes or adjustments. prior to actually going live with the post. Word 2007 currently provides support to post to the following blogging services: Windows Live Services, Blogger, Sharepoint, WordPress, and Typepad. There is also instructions provided in the event you are not using one of those services.

If you are interested in using this feature built into Microsoft Word 2007, you can directly preview the instructions, by clicking on any of the graphics below.


GET IT HERE - Blogging with Word 2007



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