New Additions to the “Launch Pad”…

The really neat thing about blogging is that you learn to find other blogs and web sites that have an interest or subject that is common with yours. I love cruising IT blogs and websites. To me it is like looking for a hidden trove of information. If you are someone that has an interest in freeware software, open source software, and information technology, I encourage you to use the "Launch Pad" located on the sidebar of the blog to visit the sites that have been collected. You can learn a whole lot by just reading about, reviewing, installing and making software work. To me that is the name of the game. My IT roots are attributed not from tearing PC’s apart, but was from installing and learning software to make the PC and devices work in a way that made the end user’s job consistently easier and more efficient.

The following blog and web sites have been added to the "What’s On My PC – Launch Pad", which is located on the sidebar at the right side of the blog. If there is something out there that meets the common denominator with all of these sites, that you would like me to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment. As always, Thank you for visiting my blog…

The How To Geek

Free PC Security



Gadget Advisor


Gravity Blue

I Started Something



Freeware Wiki


PC Hacks

Daily Freeware Download

Next Freeware


One thought on “New Additions to the “Launch Pad”…

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  1. Hey.. Rick?
    You, like, really have to stop adding all these kewl (aka “awesome”) websites to your launcher.

    You only need the one up there… mine!

    All kidding aside, you’re doing a wonderful job here, and I hope your reader’s take your advice and do some clicking and exploring. (They’ll be glad they did!)


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