USB Extension Cable…

If you are someone that uses a USB flash drive on a regular basis, like I do, I highly recommend that you purchase a USB extension cable.  The extension cable makes it much easier to plug in your flash drive; plus, it prevents wear and tear on your computer’s USB port(s).  I have the “male” end of my extension cable plugged into one of the ports at the rear of my PC (which is on the floor) and the “female” end of the cable lying on top of my desk.  Unlike USB desktop hubs, where again you have to fumble around and search for and plug in the flash drive, I simply lift the female end of the cable and plug in the drive.  It is the ultimate way to make using your flash drive an enjoyable experience.  I also use it to plug in a digital camera to download my pics from the camera to the PC.

What type of cable to look for…

You can get these at just about any electronics store  (Belkin, USB Gear, Circuit City, Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc…) and in various lengths.  Keep in mind, the USB standard limits the length of a USB cable to 5 meters (about 16.5 ft.).  You want Hi-Speed USB Revision 2.0 Shielded, USB Extension Cable USB Connector Type A Male to Type A Female. Don’t spend more than $20 bucks for one of these.

Example of a 3 ft. “USB Extension Cable”

USB Extension Cable
It’s the simple things that can make your computing life enjoyable!




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