Too many software updates???

Maintaining software updates can be a cumbersome task that I find most users do not do.  There is a solution available that can assist you with this task.


It is a “FREE” program called UpdateStar that lets you stay up-to-date and secure with the personal software installations on your computer.  According to the web site, UpdateStar covers all of your freeware, shareware, demos, commercial software, and includes special offers.  If this program pans out, I plan to include this in my monthly maintenance routine (i.e. defrag, scans, etc.) of my computer.

My first run with UpdateStar immediately caught my attention.  The user interface is very appealing and modern looking.  To get started, I clicked on “Search for Updates” and the program generated a listing of software that it found; the versions I had installed; emboldened what software titles that were in need of updates; and also provided a rating for each software package it found.  UpdateStar also provided a “download” button for each title found, that when clicked, redirected me to their website for details on the software.  At this point I was provided with an option to download the updated software. Personally, I will probably scrutinize what UpdateStar finds, then go directly to the software site to get my update.  I also noticed that UpdateStar includes an uninstaller to remove any software that is no longer being used.

From what I could see, UpdateStar finances their efforts by providing competitive licensing options for software that you may be interested in.  As I mentioned, I am testing this and will probably take advantage of the UpdateStar scanner to give me an overall picture of what software on my PC needs updated.  I like the concept behind UpdateStar and will continue to test and monitor its’ progress.


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3 thoughts on “Too many software updates???

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  1. Hi Rick,

    What a great find. This is an impressive piece of software. Will have to check out this one.

    As we all know, critical vulnerabilities within productivity software that needs updating, can often be the entry way for malware.

    Thanks for this,



  2. Bill,

    Thanks for visiting… I haven’t had much of a chance to really test this software; but, so far I am liking what I’m seeing… Definitely will be a benefit to people like ourselves who have a collection of various software packages…



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