Windows Live…

I’ve recently did a post about “Blogging with Microsoft Word 2007…” Following that post, a fellow blogger whom I’ve come to know at “Tech-for Everyone” told me to give Window’s Live Writer a try to edit and post my blog articles…  I did and there has been no going back.  The Window’s Live Writer (by Microsoft) is one of the best “FREE” blogging tools I have since experienced.  If you currently have a Windows Live ID or Windows Live Hotmail or Windows Messenger account, then you are already setup to take advantage of Live Writer and a whole gamut of other “FREE” services (and software) which Microsoft has cooked up…  If you don’t have an account, you can easily setup an account by clicking on the “Get Windows Live” button at the end of this post. 

Following the advice I received from “Tech-for Everyone”, I noticed he posted a great article about Windows Live Writer and Window’s Live Mail.  I encourage you to read the post titled “The Live Line” [Click Here].

After reading the “Tech-for Everyone” article, I started exploring deeper into some of the Window’s Live Services such as Live Mail (email client) and Window’s SkyDrive (online storage).  I have found both to be awesome and likely will be mainstays on my computer…  I also learned that SkyDrive currently provide 5 GB’s of online storage and will be expanding that to 25 GB’s in the near future (click here to read that announcement).

I really think Microsoft is heading in a good direction with the Window’s Live Services.  Reflected below is a screenshot from the Windows Live website which depicts the services currently available.  You can click on “Get Windows Live” to visit Microsoft’s Windows Live site.

Windows Live


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