Live Mesh…

As an addendum to the recent blog post on Windows Live, there is another “Windows Live” service, that is in “beta” like many of the others; BUT is not widely known.  It is called “Live Mesh”

Live Mesh

Best description of what “Live Mesh” is, I quoted from the web site:

“With Live Mesh, you can synchronize files with all of your devices, so you always have the latest versions handy. Access your files from any device or from the web, easily share them with others, and get notified whenever someone changes a file.”

To take advantage of Live Mesh, you must have a Windows Live account (which is FREE).  If you already have a Hotmail or Messenger account, you are good to go.  Go to the Live Mesh site [Click Here] and initially setup your Live Mesh desktop and the devices you want to sync with (i.e. your home computer, your notebook computer, your mobile devices, your online Mesh desktop, etc.).  During this process you will be prompted to download the Mesh (synchronization) software. Following the installation of the software, you can right click on any folder in Windows explorer and make the folder you selected a Live Mesh folder.  Once the folder is selected, you can change the synchronization options.  Basically what happens at this point is that any file you place in the Live Mesh folder will sync with the online folder OR any changes you make to the online folder will sync with the local folder (depending on the sync options you selected).  I actually took this one step folder and created a shortcut to my Live Mesh folder and placed the shortcut in my “Send To” folder so that all I would have to do is right click on a file I may be working on, send it to my Live Mesh folder, and it automatically would be uploaded to my online folder (as a quick backup option).  I later found that Live Mesh created a menu option to allow you to save a file to the folder.  Learning as I go with this; but, is looking pretty impressive.  Live Mesh currently provides users with 5 GB’s of space.  I do question or wonder why the Live Mesh’s storage space does not tie into SkyDrive, another Window’s Live (online) file storage option???

Live Mesh also provides the ability to share folders with other Windows Live users and the ability to perform remote sessions into your PC.  As I earlier indicated, Live Mesh is in beta and as with any beta software, changes come and changes go.  I will continue to monitor this and the other Windows Live components.


GET IT HERE - Live Mesh



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