What digital camera should you buy?

I came across an article today, “General Advice for Purchasing a Digital Camera” (by TechPaul – Tech-for Everyone) that caught my attention.  I love digital cameras; however, I am an amateur photographer at heart.   I have owned quite a few cameras over the years and I have found that they keep getting better and cheaper. 

Digital camera purchases for Christmas is one of the hottest items out there. So, what digital camera should you buy?  I really can not tell you the exact one to purchase, but if you follow the the (2)-two steps outlined below, it will get you started in the right direction.

  1. Get the basics down…  I encourage you to review “TechPaul’s” advice [click here] on purchasing a digital camera to get some of the terminology down. Once you have a good idea about optical vs. digital zoom, image stabilization, megapixels, LCD viewfinder, etc. proceed to step 2.  TechPaul provides an excellent description of the key elements you need to know in a way that is understandable.  Thank you TechPaul…
  2. Start shopping…  Digital cameras are hot sellers, have come a long way in a short span of time, and are available everywhere.  The problem is that there are so many of them that it creates a dilemma.  Usually when I shop for a digital camera, it is either a camera that has caught my eye OR I’m just starting out, not knowing what I really am looking for.  Either way, the solution that I keep going back to is “Steve’s Digicam’s”. Steve’s Digicam’s web site is touted as “The consumer’s best source of digital camera information and news”. The reviews and information which is provided is phenomenal.  Since Christmas is coming, and a camera may be on your wishlist, I suggest you visit the site and click on “Holiday Wishlist”, which will walk you through the process of finding a camera that they have reviewed and rated. It is also an awesome site to teach you about digital photography.


Steve's Digicams


2 thoughts on “What digital camera should you buy?

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  1. Thank you for the kind words and the referral. Shopping for a camera really can become quite overwhelming quite quickly, as there are quite literally hundreds to choose from– in each category and price range.

    I would like to recommend to your readers (or.. remind them) that when you are narrowing your choices down, a good place to check is Consumer Reports. Make sure you aren’t picking a lemon!


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