Our keys are not even safe…

keyYou will often see articles on the blog, or references to other sites, about software vulnerabilities, internet security issues, information and privacy concerns; BUT I never dreamed I would be writing about your keys and how vulnerable they could be, if left out in open view.  Yes, I am referring to your house keys, car keys, office keys, etc…  Did you know that computer scientist have developed software that can perform duplications of a key (like your house key) without ever gaining physical access to the key?  Ok, I know this is not making any sense, but here is how this works.  By using a photograph of a key (from nearly any angle and distance), the software can measure and string together the depth of each cut (to get a keys bitting code); and together with the basic information on the brand & type of key, an exact duplication can be made.  Ok, you are probably at the point that you feel the need to look this up on Snopes.com (to confirm whether this is a hoax or not).  Well it is not a hoax (see source below) and what concerns me is that this is now public information and will seed the minds of those who live on the underbelly of the internet (if it has not already happened).  The counter defense for this is that companies are actively developing and marketing new locking systems that encode electromagnetic secrets as well as a physical code.  Basically the computer scientist’s involved wanted to demonstrate that this could be done by simply acquiring a photograph of a key.

To read more about this, click here to visit Sciencedaily.com.





2 thoughts on “Our keys are not even safe…

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  1. What an absolute ass.
    “We built our key duplication software system to show people that their keys are not inherently secret,” said Stefan Savage, the computer science professor from UC San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering who led the student-run project.

    I am usually a “don’t blame the tool, blame the user” type of guy (I don’t believe it is handguns that kill people, for example. I have never seen a handgun that could sprout legs, walk over and aim itself..).
    But I can see no potentially harmless (much less beneficial) uses for this.
    It is pure bad science.


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