Rogue Security Apps… BEWARE!

Perfect Defender 2009 – Beware!  Rogue Security Application…
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Add Perfect Defender 2009 to the massive number of rogue security applications currently circulating on the Internet, seeking out unaware users in order to steal their money.
Like all rogue security applications, Perfect Defender 2009 is a master at using Trojans, and fake advertising, to convince unaware Internet users to install this rogue application.
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Bill Mullins at Tech Thoughts is a leader in monitoring the rogue security applications that are dominating the internet and infecting people’s computers. I encourage you on a regular basis to visit Bill’s blog to keep up-to-date on these types of applications and to learn how to stop them in their tracks… The newest threat; “Perfect Defender 2009”  Get the 3-step removal solution at Bill’s blog –  [click here]



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  1. Use malwarebytes and then use ccleaner to clean your system of all registry issues and remnants…took 2 hours but clean and back to normal system speeds and operations


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