What’s is really under the hood of that computer?

Have you ever wondered what is really under the hood of that computer? Wouldn’t it be nice there was a way to find out just about every configuration aspect  of your computer (hardware and software) to confirm that you got what you paid for?

If you answered “YES” to either one of those questions, then you will definitely be interested in a “FREE” system auditing utility, that I use on my PC called WinAudit.


There are many alternative system auditing utilities out there, but I have come to like WinAudit for its system scanning speed, its attractive user interface, its portability (requires no installation), its diagnostic capabilities, and its ability to perform audit scans on any Windows (Pentium) based computer from Windows 95 to present.  Once you perform an audit, you can print, save or email the audit.  With WinAudit you can do a complete system scan or you can  pick and choose what you desire to scan by clicking on the “Options” button in the program.  WinAudit has the ability to perform an audit on the following categories:



Description and Features (as indicated on the web site):

PC audit and inventory of software, licenses, security configuration, hardware, network settings…

  • Easy to use
  • No setup
  • Csv/html/pdf/xml
  • E-mail
  • Database export
  • Command line
  • Fully documented
  • Free for any use!

    WinAudit has advanced features such as service tag detection, hard-drive failure diagnosis, network port to process mapping, network connection speed, system availability statistics as well as Windows® update and firewall settings.


    GET IT HERE - WinAudit


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