Opera Browser 10 “alpha” – Available for Download!

If you are an Opera web browser follower, then you may be interested in reading about the new features being implemented (and downloading) the new Opera Browser 10 “alpha” version… Keep in mind that “alpha” software is an indication that the software is in the “debugging” stage of the release cycle. For those of you who are wondering what Opera is: Opera is a  popular web browser that is a competitor to other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. This download of Opera 10 alpha is geared more toward those interested in testing  the browser prior to its final release.  As one of my readers pointed out, you should only try or test the “alpha” of this browser on another computer (i.e. test PC) and not your main computer.  This post is primarily announcing that a “new” version of Opera is in the works.  This is a clip from the “My Opera Community” web site announcing this release.  I will continue to monitor the development of this software.



clipped from my.opera.com

Opera 10 alpha

Opera 10 alpha

As 2008 comes to an end we look back at a year packed with big product releases such as Opera 9.5, Opera Mini 4, Opera Mobile 9.5 beta, new opera.com and My Opera, but we are not done yet!
We are very excited to give all of you an early Christmas present — a first glimpse of Opera 10! This release feature the much anticipated Presto 2.2 rendering engine which has improvements across the board in terms of speed, stability, support for Web standards, and a whole lot more. We want you to take the browser for a spin and test some of the user requested features we also included.
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3 thoughts on “Opera Browser 10 “alpha” – Available for Download!

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  1. As much as I enjoy discovering great free software, and trying new things.. and I am not saying anything negative about Opera here (there’s a reason its mobile version is #1 in its market), I feel compelled to re-emphasize a point you made made earlier so that your readers can fully understand..
    Have you ever hear the expression, “Never buy Version 1.0 of anything”? What that means is.. the bugs aren’t really worked out of a product until at least version 2.

    The development cycle of code: Alpha, Beta, RC (release candidate), Release (aka “v1”), minor revision/fix= ‘dot increment’ (aka 1.1, 2.5, etc.), major revision= version increment.
    (This means that the authors of Opera consider this release a “major” revision over 9)

    In sum, “alpha code” is as glitchy as code can be and still be called “code”. Please don’t install it on your main computer.. the one with all your priceless pictures, expensive music, tax records, etc. (and though you’ve really, really been meaning to, you haven’t backed up in years).


  2. Tech Paul,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… for remphasizing that fact. I did a “re-edit” to make this point stick out…



  3. I sometimes like to be an official or un-official beta-tester (I ran very early versions of Vista for instance).. and, in my younger days, I got a kick out of getting my hands on programs before my friends had even heard of them.

    Beta testing serves a purpose, and helps find flaws the programmers need to know about.. but I would only do it on an old, and inconsequential “test bed” machine.

    In my older-and-tired-er days, I have decided to leave the testing to others, and now I wait for Service Pack 1 (or, v2.0). So even though Windows 7 is now available for download, I won’t be playing with it… as tempting as it may be!


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