What is “Microsoft Patch Tuesday”?

Microsoft Patch Tuesday…Most computer users when they hear the term “Microsoft” spelled out in front of something else (such as “Patch Tuesday”), you start thinking it is some type of Microsoft software program… “Patch Tuesday” is the second Tuesday of each month, as designated by Microsoft, to release security updates via their update service. Most computers are configured by default to automatically receive these updates.  For example this coming Tuesday (December 9th) you will be receiving 8 bulletins and 6 critical updates.  Keeping your computer patched with these security updates is important in protecting your computer from the vulnerabilities that Microsoft has identified.


clipped from blogs.zdnet.com

Coming on Patch Tuesday: 8 bulletins, 6 critical

clipped from blogs.zdnet.com
The final Microsoft Patch Tuesday for 2008 will be a big one: 8 bulletins covering serious code execution flaws in a wide range of ubiquitous software.According to the company’s advance notice mechanism,� six of the eight bulletins will be rated “critical,” Microsoft’s highest severity rating. The “critical” updates will cover holes in the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Visual Basic and Visual Studio, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
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