RefDesk… The ultimate browser homepage!

RefDesk is a FREE site that has been around since 1995 that indexes and reviews quality, credible, and current web-based resources. RefDesk has a myriad of (link) information conveniently categorized on one page and is highly respected as a family-friendly web site that does not not link to sites that promote pornography, gambling, alcohol, tobacco or other ‘adult-related’ themes. You can pretty much use RefDesk as a launching point for just about anything you are looking for (i.e. news, searches, dictionaries, trivia, the list goes on and on…). Many people set RefDesk as their browser homepage.  (Note: Your homepage is the page you initially see when you start your web browser.).


Just how popular is RefDesk?

“Each day refdesk averages about 800,000 page views and about 100,000 unique visits. The average user stays on refdesk about 10-15 minutes. About 75% of total visits are to the home page with the remaining 25% spread over refdesk’s 500+ back pages.”




5 thoughts on “RefDesk… The ultimate browser homepage!

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    1. TomBrooklyn,

      Thanks for visiting my blog… RefDesk is a static page is not customizable… That would be neat if they did do that. Something you may want to look at is “”… You can customize pages to your own taste… I use it all of the time. As a matter of fact, on the right side of my blog you will see a NetVibes logo. Click on it and you can see a sample page I have set up.



  1. Hi what. Checked out NeVibe. Intestesting, but although it is a more attractive layout, it doesn’t pack the data in tight like Refdesk and it’s comparitively slow to load. I’ll stick with RefDesk for now. Ya, Refdesk would be awesome if it was customizable. Cheers.


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