Are you an old egg or a new egg?

People that are in the “middle age” group (or older), as I am, are either an “old egg” or a “new egg” when it comes to computers and technology.  They either accept it or they do not; whereas, the current generation is automatically exposed to the technology and do not really know any difference between “what was” and “what is”.  They are automatically “new eggs”.  Most “old eggs” have been exposed to computers through their workplace and will often carry that exposure over into the home, by purchasing a home computer.  They become a “new egg”.  I know many, many people that are in my age group that simply will not take the plunge into computers and avoid the internet and technology all together.  A lot of it is fear; fear that they will be made to look unintelligent, etc… to the “new eggs”. Let me tell you; I love this stuff due to the fact that the learning cycle is endless; there are no dumb questions; and the resources available to learn from is immense. I encourage anyone out there who knows someone that is an “old egg” that you get them involved with computer technology and the internet so that they can become a “new egg”, like the rest of us…  It is the greatest innovation in our lifetime; don’t miss out on it.

newegg.comIf you are a “new egg” and you want to learn more about the products that are generated, as result of computer technology, then you need to visit “”.  I know when you visit the site you are going to say, this is not a learning site, it is a site to buy technology products.  Believe it or not, a site like this that has anything and everything, is a great place to learn from.  Since most of us are “new eggs”, this site is an excellent reference source to look up computers, devices, peripheral components, etc…  The things I like best about “” is that if there is something I am interested in, I will look it up (and believe me it will most likely be there) and once I find it there are pictures (at different angles), specifications, and ratings (where other “new egg” people have rated the item).  They are also very competitive in their pricing as well.  If you have never heard of “” I encourage you to visit to learn and buy…  (an NO, I am not getting a commission for writing this article : )


If there are any other tech product sites you would like to share; then


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  1. No commission?
    No commission!

    Readers who “related” to this article, and have taken a look (or, already knew about) NewEgg, might also like to learn about Toms Hardware– like NewEgg, it is a wholeseller of gear but it contains MANY useful How-To’s (how to choose a HDTV & How To Install a HDTV might be particularly relevant this time of year.. ahem, Santa).

    For those intrigue by NewEggs pricing, may also want to look at TigerDirect


  2. Thanks TechPaul…

    I knew you would jump in here with some suggestions…, I am very familiar with. Tom’s Hardware is one I need to investigate…



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