Jarte! WordPad on Steroids…

Most computer users (at home) have no desire to expend a large sum of money for a word processor (i.e. MS-Word, WordPerfect, etc.); nor do they need the complexity that comes with it.  What it comes down to is this; why spend hundreds of dollars so that you can just type a letter, create a list, keep notes, etc.? Most computer users (at home) have experienced at one time or another WordPad.  WordPad is the word processing program that came installed with your operating system (i.e. Windows XP, Vista).  WordPad, I have found, just does not cut it for most computer users (at home) and is frustrating to use to say the least.

JarteThere is one solution for most computer users (at home) and it is called Jarte.  This jewel of a word processor uses the “engine” that drives WordPad, but in a far more capable way.  What I like about it is, it just plain looks nice (has a button interface); it can save and read the same files that Microsoft Word can (even the new MS-Word 2007 file format); has a tabbed interface (meaning you can work on more than one doc at a time); has just the right amount a features most computer users (at home) need; can be installed as a portable application on your flash drive; and, it is FREE!  There are many FREE word processing programs out there (i.e. OpenOffice.org, AbiWord), but what I have found that for most computer users (at home), these programs are way in excess of what they need.




General Features (as indicated on the web site)

Fully compatible with Windows Vista

Tabbed interface to provide easy access to open documents

Opens files with file extension RTF, file extension DOC, and file extension DOCX (new default format in Word 2007)

Fast start up

Compact screen size

Hot Connect lets you use Jarte with other programs

Optional “Clickless Operation” feature greatly reduces clicking

Can be run directly from a pluggable USB flash drive

High quality spell checker with custom user dictionary

Included spelling dictionaries: English (American, British, & Canadian), Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch

Link to, or import, your existing custom Word spelling dictionaries

Support for templates

Export to HTML or PDF

Single click bookmarking and bookmark navigation

Send documents via e-mail

Full drag and drop file support

Instant access to recently opened documents and folders

Instant access to documents and folders designated as favorites

Adjustable document zoom

Detailed Help documentation





2 thoughts on “Jarte! WordPad on Steroids…

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  1. Paul,

    Really a neat little program… I use it especially on my flash drive. Once you get the basics down, you’re good to go… Really is all that people need for a word processing program.



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