Tis’ the Season to be “Email Scammed”…

Writing a blog is addictive and the addiction is enhanced when you have a friend that actually reads what you write and turns around and says;  “Hey, I have something you can blog about!”  It really makes it all worthwhile and is my way to give back what I know or have researched.

Susan, a friend of mine, contacted me and provided a copy of a scam email that she received where the writer of the email “needs urgent help”.  I was really impressed that Susan knew immediately it was a scam and a false plea for money.  I applaud her for her attentiveness and  her willingness to publicly share this story to alert other people.

Please click on the screenshot below to see this email…

Email Scam - Click for Screenshot

Here around the holiday’s, where helping others are commonplace, these emails, as well as other vermin (malware, viruses, spyware), have a tendency to surface from the underbelly of the internet.  The intent is to “steal your money” through deception… If you read this email, you will see that “Fred” needs urgent help because he had his little bag of belongings (money, cell phone, passport, etc…) stolen and he is in a really bad way.  He wants you to send him $2900 (to Malaysia) to fill his little bag back up so that he can come home.  Now if he broadcasted this email to thousands of people and just 1 percent of those people sent him $2900, he would have to get a bigger bag…

Trying to make some humor of this; BUT seriously never respond to any email that is from someone you do not know; do not respond to any email that you did not solicit; and, especially do not respond to any email where a financial transaction, account number, password, etc. is being requested (even if it is your bank, credit card, etc…). 

During the research of this particular email, I came across a site called “Scamdex” that I found to be helpful in educating us about “scams” and just how epidemic they are.  Scamdex is all about ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scams, Spoof Websites, Bogus Lottery Winnings, Spoof Phishing Emails from Banks, Scam Emails from African Dictators (and their wives) and all other Identity Theft and Internet Fraud.


Scamdex’s enormous archive of scam emails is sorted into (5)-five classifications:

  • Advanced Fee Fraud
  • Lottery Scams
  • Phlishing
  • Auction Scams
  • Employment Scams

If you need assistance on reporting or filing a complaint for a scam, Scamdex has a whole web page devoted to anti-scam resources [click here].



5 thoughts on “Tis’ the Season to be “Email Scammed”…

Add yours

  1. I read about a study done on just this type of thing. The number of respondents was half of one percent.. and that is too many!

    Spam, scams, and junk mail would stop if nobody ever clicked. But somebody once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”.


  2. It defies my reality, to think that anyone would fall for this. But enought people trip over themselves falling for this type of thing, that it is enormously profitable for the scammers.

    I appreciate the serive you have done, in bringing this to our attention.

    Bill Mullins


  3. The advice you gave is the best way to avoid being duped. It is unblievable that people would not stop responding to unsolicited mails. By reading the mails the victim is a step closer to being duped. The novel “Mugu hunters;” a story about scammers and their victims proved it. As long as people love to reap where they have not sowed, scammer will continue to have fun at the expense of the Mugus- greedy fools.


  4. Anthony,

    Thank you for visiting and your support to my post on Email Scams… I will have to check into that novel; “Mugu Hunters”… You know you hit a point there with “greed”. It’s what is all about… Take care!



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