Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime…

I encourage all of my readers to visit the website “Tech-for Everyone” to read the article “A Vast Criminal Enterprise Aimed At You”… The author emphasizes how the internet has grown into a global playground for cybercriminals, who often use undetected methods to infect and steal…

Also visit “Tech Thoughts” to read a related article titled “The Internet is a Cyber-Criminals Playground!”…  The author does an excellent job of explaining the threats we are exposed to on the internet and provides the protective measures you should take…



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A Vast Criminal Enterprise Aimed At You


– Five Defensive Strategies

“Today’s Internet attacks are organized and designed to steal information and resources* from consumers and corporations. The web is now the primary route by which cybercriminals infect computers. Cybercriminals are planting malicious code on innocent websites. This code then simply lies in wait and silently infects visiting computers.
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  1. Thank you for “directing traffic” to my recent article. Your readers are always welcome! This particular article provides some eye-opening facts and crime statistics.

    I am very impressed by you and your site, Rick. You are proving to be an excellent resource, are very easy to read, and I consider it a privilege to be able to have on my Blogroll of recommended reading.

    My very best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.


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