OneLoupe – Onscreen Magnifier…

OneLoupeOneLoupe (an onscreen magnifier) is a small program (13KB) that is designed to magnify desired areas on your screen.  There is no installation required.  Do not let the small file size fool you; this program serves a really good purpose for reading small print on your computer monitor and can be used as an assistive technology tool for those with visual impairments.

Simply download and unzip the program to a folder, then double-click the oneloupe.exe (executable) to launch the program.  A small magnifier icon will show up in the system tray.

OneLoupe in tray...

To use the OneLoupe magnifier simply click on the icon one time and the magnification window will appear. You can move the magnifier to any area of the screen you desire. The magnification window is resizable by using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard.  When done using the magnifier, simply click either mouse button (left or right) and the magnifier will disappear.


To learn the settings of OneLoupe, right mouse click on the tray icon, select help, and a display will appear that outlines options and controls.


OneLoupe can also be made portable by creating a text file (in notepad) and saving it as oneloupe.ini in the same folder which the OneLoupe program resides.  Any program option changes that you make will then be saved to the oneloupe.ini file…  I currently have OneLoupe residing on my flash drive, ready to go during those times I need to get a little closer look at what I am seeing on the screen… Awesome little program!


GET IT HERE - OneLoupe



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