Skipping Intimacy for the Internet…

“46 per cent of women queried about the importance of the Internet versus “hanky-panky” replied that they would be more willing to engage in abstinence than lose their web access”.

I found the clip below at where a survey was conducted on how far Americans will go for web access….  I know from my personal experiences, from the angle of helping others when their PC’s go down; it becomes borderline crisis due to the fact that they can not get their daily dose of “net”.  

Visit to read more about this enlightening article… And, yes honey, our internet access is still down!



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Given that you’re reading this right now, it’s a fair bet that the web, or Internet access, is important to you. But, how important is it? In a recent survey, Harris Interactive found that women would rather give up “relations” for two weeks than access to the information superhighway.
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  1. I read the survey and it’s pretty crazy, but I’m not surprised. We’re so attached to our blackberries and emails that I bet a lot of people couldn’t function without their Internet. It’s becoming so much more affordable and the Internet is becoming quicker to keep up with our needs. Even providers, such as Clear ( are making it easier for users to stay connected, no matter where they are with no disruptions in signal. I definitely see those stats increasing in the next few years.


  2. Nadia,

    Thank you for visiting and posting a comment… You are so right that a lot of people couldn’t function without their internet. Just imagine what it will be in the future. It is almost like we are being dumbed down…



  3. I took a few days off this past week to go skiing, and left my Internet connection behind for the first time in months. I’m glad I did.

    While addiction is a hugely complex subject, my experience has been that the Internet has at least a mildly addictive quality to it.

    Your observation “It is almost like we are being dumbed down… ” may have more to it than most peple realize. Personally, I noticed that my thinking processes were considerably different without access to the net – more expansive and less straight line. “Think outside the box” may be a great catch phrase, but in my view, the Internet conditions users to think precisely the opposite.

    Bill Mullins


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