AppRemover… Antivirus and Antispyware Uninstaller!

Recently I posted an article about “Uninstalling and Installing AntiVirus Software…” and how difficult it can be to totally remove (uninstall) all remnants of antivirus software from your computer in circumstances such as switching to a different software brand. Antivirus software, and any security software for that matter, hooks into many areas on a computer (i.e. registry, file system, processes, resident memory, etc…). I know personally I’ve experienced occasions where I had to boot into safe mode to eliminate debris that was left over from the uninstall process. My opinion; in instances where you are uninstalling “Security” software in order to replace it with an alternate brand, it is especially important to ensure that all remnants are completely removed,so as not to cause a conflict or potential breach with the “Security” software you are intending to install.  In other words you do not want to compromise the security of your computer due to a software conflict.


Today I came across an application, called “AppRemover” that is in “BETA” (still being publicly tested), that is designed, at this time, to specifically remove Antivirus and AntiSpyware Software. I did not get to fully test the software to see if it actually did what it said; but I did download it (no installation required) and performed a scan of my system. The software picked up my Antivirus software and another Security application I was running on my system. The AppRemover site reflected that once it removes the “Security” product you desire to remove, it will then remove the “AppRemover” application from your computer as well.  PC Magazine recently published an article on AppRemover (12/17/2008 – “AppRemover Makes Switching A/V Programs a Snap”) and gave it a good writeup. It also appears that developer of AppRemover,  OPSWAT, Inc., is a company of good standing.


GET IT HERE - AppRemover



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